Sometimes its nice to know that there are really happy and really satisified people who wear hearing aids.  Here is a sample of a few of those people.

Finally, I met a person (you) in your industry that is honest and knowledgeable about hearing loss. Every other firm I have gone to had one simple solution to my hearing loss. That was simply, “Buy a new updated pair of hearing aids from their firm.” As you well know, these new devices can cost anywhere from $3,500-$7,000. You tested my hearing and adjusted my current hearing aids. I now can hear 100% better and I thank you very much. The firm that sold me the hearing aids in the first place, never even activated the volume control on my Oticon devices. I did not even know there was a volume control.

I now can hear my sweet Granddaughter, even when she whispers to me. I no longer have to say: what? Please speak up. I did not catch that, please repeat, etc. You have no idea how you have changed my quality of life by just being able to hear conversations in MY Professional and Personal activities.

Thanks to you! I will recommend you to everyone who may need your services. At my age, that is quite a few people! LOL!

Thanks a 1,000,000!

I am hearing very well with my new hearing aids. The sound is so much clearer. I have enjoyed going to the office, I feel comfortable there. Everyone is polite and friendly.

I have done business with AAA Hearing for many years and they have been very reliable and efficient. I am very happy with my current hearing aids . If I have any questions they are always answered. When I need new hearing aids in the future I will definitely patronize AAA Hearing again.

My purchase included total listening care, which includes free cleanings and batteries. I like getting my hearing aids cleaned every time I go in for my batteries. I can get appointments at no charge to update my hearing aids when my hearing changes. If my hearing aids breaks it can usually be repaired in the office.

Richard Thomas – Actor

Richard Thomas (via

Veteran actor Richard Thomas best known for his role as John Boy in The Waltons has helped to promote better hearing for the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) for more than 15 years; he has also served as the BHI National Chairman. In his public service announcements for BHI

Richard stated,“What would you do if you couldn’t see well? Probably have your eyes checked, get a pair of glasses, right? But if you couldn’t understand an ordinary conversation, what would you do? The smart thing would be to get a hearing check-up as I did. I got tired of asking people to repeat themselves. For me, hearing aids were the answer. Why are so many still suffering? False pride…lack of information? If someone you love doesn’t hear well, arrange for a hearing test today. You should HEAR what you’re missing.” 


Arnold Palmer – Legendary Golfer

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Associated Press named him Athlete of the Decade in the 1960s. He has won 92 professional golf championships in his career including the Masters Tournament four times, 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964, the U.S. Open in 1960 and the British Open in 1961 and 1962.

Having defeated hearing loss with hearing aids he devotes substantial time promoting the value of treating hearing loss. In a recent interview he stated the following: “I’ve noticed the sound of the golf ball being hit by the golf club is different and much more realistic with hearing aids.” The sound with the hearing aids makes sense and better represents what I know is happening to the golf ball.

So you could say that the hearing aids help give me confidence regarding my golf game. “I’ve been wearing hearing aids for a long time,” he says. “The technology available now is simply unbelievable. When I compare the new digital products to what we had 30 years ago, it’s an amazing difference. The products have improved dramatically, and fortunately, they’ll just continue to get better.”


Diedre Downs (via

Deidre Downs – Miss America 2005

 “Wearing hearing aids again gave me the ability to better participate in life, at school, and with family, and friends. Hearing aids have diminished the impact hearing loss has on my life. I finally feel like I can hear as well as a normal hearing person.

”I didn’t wear my aids for years and now that I do my friends and family are happier – and I can participate in my life more than ever before. If you have untreated hearing loss, don’t wait another day. See your hearing health professional, ask for the right solution and be an active participant in your life again.”

Courtesy of the Better Hearing Institute of America