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What is That Bump in my Ear?

You felt a small bump in your ear canal when you were cleaning your ears with a Q-tip (which, by the way, you should not be doing).  And now you’re wondering what it might be.  One of the possibilities (and there are others) is that the bump in your ear is an osteoma.  An osteoma […]

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What is the Right Hearing Aid for Me?

You’ve been diagnosed with a hearing loss.  Somewhere between 33 million and 38 million Americans are hearing impaired.  But knowing that you’re not the only with a hearing loss doesn’t necessarily make the journey toward better hearing any easier. You’re ready to do something about your hearing loss but maybe not too sure where to […]

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3 Reasons to Wear Hearing Aids All Day

So you’ve taken that first step towards better hearing – you got hearing aids.  But do you really need to wear them “all the time?”  That’s what you were told, but what you’d really like to do is just wear them when you “need them”, right? Wrong, if you need to wear hearing aids, then you […]

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Did I Inherit my Hearing Loss from my Father?

You remember your grandfather had trouble hearing.  And your father needed hearing aids long before he got them.  And you know you’ve been saying, “What did you say?” more in the past year than ever before.  Is it possible you’ve inherited a hearing loss from someone in your family?  The answer is maybe. Genetic versus Non-Genetic Hearing […]

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